As far as I know, Sisyphus had no rule stating he could not dance and skip his way back down to his boulder.

There will always be those looking to manipulate you. Some for money, some just for fun. Trust me. I would know. Here I am. Give me money. Truth does not come in seeking power. Truth comes through understanding.

Negativity exacerbates negativity. Positivity compounds positivity. Please put on your oxygen mask before assisting others.

There are a lot of people hitting the bottom right now. Feel free to stay there for a while. It's a solid place to plant your feet to spring back up when you are ready.

None of our political opinions are going to matter when they watch their work unfold, safely, from low orbit

If someone is demanding to be the smartest person in the room, let them be.

Never be impressed by someone's money if you're not impressed with their work.